FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2017 - Page 3

From The Editor go d e e p e r , d r aw n e a re r “Look closer,” God said. “Look closer at what? Or whom?” I asked. In the months afterwards, He led me to individuals (featured in this issue) who don’t just live in the world they’ve been given, but explore the power to change it. And that power is God. More than a stroll, the life they experience is reminiscent of an ambush, but where desires can only be satisfied in Him alone. The ebb of the world opposes them, but in their lives He is magnified, glorified and justified. Dying to their selves is considered a privilege, not a sacrifice. And it made me wonder if they were made for another world. In this place, I felt God ask, “Do you desire to go deeper and draw nearer to Me, like they have?” As you hold these pages in your hands, stop and encounter your own exchange with God. Let Him draw you in. Listen to Him. And in the silences between His words, hear what you have to say in return. His message to you is lodged in there. But in the same way I am giving His question some thought, we need to ask ourselves, “Will we let anyone, or anything, stand between us, and God?” 1