FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2017 - Page 21

There is hope, and this vicious cycle can be broken. We can start by reaching out in love to this generation of broken women, men and children. This is the heart of Tamar Village: to rebuild broken lives in the red light district by walking with each broken individual for as long as it takes. This is Christ-like love; unconditional and manifested in every possible way. What does it look like? It’s not complicated. Love is simply tuning in when they need a listening ear, accompanying them during meal times when they’ve always been alone, and taking them to the hospital to allay their anxieties, even when it’s late at night. Love is being there even when it’s inconvenient. When a homeless lady comes in on a busy day, love drops all other work and says, “I’m here for you.” lives, even when many others have deemed them hopeless. But most importantly, their security needs to come from the knowledge that they are always greatly loved and valued by their Heavenly Father who waits for them to come to Him. As vices are exchanged for restored minds, bodies, and souls, it is Tamar’s hope that their children and the future generations will benefit from the reformed, stable and wiser decisions of these broken mothers. Resources have been rallied around these children; programmes that build character, assists them in their studies, and guides parents with their parenting. Children should be taught, not just the little virtues but the great ones – beyond thrift lies generosity, above caution sits courage, look past shrewdness to frankness and truth, and don’t stop at tact, but love your neighbour and consider self-denial. Oftentimes, love forgives when the women least expect it. They’re accustomed to condemnation for their lies and deceit. Looks of disgust and harsh words, “You will never change,” have vanquished all hope that someone will believe in them. Against their every expectation, Tamar Village extends to them a kindness and mercy that is relentless. Stealing is no longer confronted with expulsion, but a gentle admonition that assures, “You are in a safe place now. You don’t have to steal anymore.” Confession for any wrongdoing is received with positivity, “We are proud of you for telling the truth,” before discipline of the offence and its consequences ensue. Love doesn’t give up on them, and believes they can live transformed Children will move from infancy into adulthood, but their love for life should never weaken. As we look out for the next generation, we can always be sensitive to the reticent and melancholic ones, while keeping an eye on those who are wayward and socially inept. No one should be neglected, especially those struggling with abuse and dysfunction. As we become more patient and generous when loving that special child, we’ll realise that more than meaningful, we can’t leave anyone behind, because every child is the face of our society’s future. Tamar Village reaches out to marginalised women, (who, because of circumstances in life, have been caught up in prostitution), offering friendship and support, both on the street and at our Tamar Skill Centre. 19