FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2017 - Page 12

w h e n g e n e ro s i T Y b e Com e s Tox i C Trolley Ministry serves the homeless in the city of Singapore, helping them restore hope by walking alongside them with individual guidance, teaching, counselling and long-term development goals. In 2010, four of us from YWAM Singapore (Regina, Lona, Lynn and Jasmine) found a community of homeless along Victoria Street. We represented Jesus to them by loving them like family and served their individual needs. Along the way, we built deep relationships and some even received Jesus as their Saviour. But instead of leaving them entrenched in their homelessness, we had to figure out ways to help them out of it. In the process, we hit many walls. These exepriences and reflections o ver the past 6 years have given us insight into helping the destitute. In recent years, the Singapore church has been stirred by the Holy Spirit to love mercy and reach out to the poor and needy. The overwhelming response has been encouraging as waves of young people, cell groups and entire churches have gone out to the streets or made contributions by giving generously. This is definitely a move of God in our nation. Yet, we witnessed areas where we all fell short in our understanding of both loving mercy and acting justly, as emphasised in the Bible (Micah 6:8). Acts of compassion alone, without getting to know the people we serve, can steer us away from what’s paramount – life transformation. This is not achieved through one-time visits, building cordial relationships or generous donations that will touch them. MERCY IS A DOOR TO THE HEARTS OF THE POOR, BUT THE DESTINATION IS TO ADDRESS THE INJUSTICES THAT HAVE KEPT THEM HOMELESS FOR YEARS. The question we learnt to ask was, “How do we help them see God’s intentions for them and address the lies which lead to poverty and injustice?” 10