Fabulous May. 1954 - Page 6


Peter Schiffenhaus

Newlywed Marilyn Monroe is someone every woman wants to emulate. You women may not have her pretty face, but you definitely can have her pretty blond curls, her fashion sense, and eventually a loving husband like Joe Dimaggio. I sat down with Marilyn Monroe’s agent, Johnny Hyde, and he let me in on the secrets of being like Marilyn.

Me: “So, Johnny, whats Marilyn like in person and around her husband, how does she act when the cameras are off and the crowds gone?”

Johnny: “Well, Dave, Marilyn is really easygoing and relaxed, and she doesn’t really like to deal with arguing. She lets Joe (Dimaggio) handle all the stressful things in life, such as business deals and finances, because she can’t really take it in.”

Me: “How is her relationship with Joe?”

Johnny: “Joe means the world to her. She Loves him and he loves her. Its really cute how much they joke and laugh.”

Me: “How does Marilyn do her hair, because it is really stunning”

Johnny: “I’ll tell her you said that! She’s naturally blonde, but her hair color is available at most drug stores, and we use curling irons to curl it. She gets her hair cut by profesional salon hairdressers, but local haircutting guides to look like her are available in drug stores too.”

Me: “Where does Marilyn get her dazzling outfits?”

Johnny: “Well, she’s actually really into shopping at Macy’s. I know thats not what one would expect of the Marilyn Monroe, but she is actually into more down to earth clothing stores, instead of foreign clothes from France and Italy. Supporting America is what matters to her.”

So there you have it, ladies, Johnny Hyde has informed us on Marilyn’s secrets. She loves to shop at Macy’s, curl her hair, and is very sweet to her husband. To be like this icon, do your best to follow her example, look good, and keep your man happy.