Fabulous May. 1954 - Page 10

the Fabulous advice

Dear Editor,

My name is Sally, and I am a 21 year-old woman, unmarried but dating, from Massapequa, on Long Island. I have a weird problem. The women at my job have been doing some shady stuff recently. Two women in particular, Stacy and Charlotte, have been promoted to higher paying jobs. I think I know the real reason, though. Jeff, our boss at the call station, has been inviting women over to his house for friendly dinners, but I think there is more going on. Charlotte and Stacy were the only ones to accept his offer, and they were the ones promoted.

To make it blunt, there have been rumors that they have been sleeping with Jeff. I have no proof of this, though. I am also trying to save money to marry my boyfriend, Bill, because he is currently an intern on Wall Street and makes little money at the moment. Should I accept the invitation to my bosses dinner, even though I feel like he may come on to me, but knowing I also may get a promotion, which means more money?

Dear Sally,

I think that staying loyal to your husband is the most important thing. If he ever found out what you were going to do, you would lose him, which means you would lose your financial future and stability. I really think working is not the most important thing for you right now. If you are making a little money right now, that is ok, because you will be able to quit your job and become a housewife when Bill gets a job on Wall Street. Bill is going to have money, and you would be throwing that all away if he found out you cheated on him.

Dont go out with your boss. Try and keep your little job right now, and continue pleasing your husband. Living a little worse now is ok if you will be living better in the near future. I also think having such a high paying job will make Bill uneasy, so it is best to make less for now. He is probably feeling like less of a man that he isn’t bringing home the bread, so don’t emasculate him. If you guys need more money, ask Bill to get another job. He may be stressed out by the extra work, but he will feel like a real man. I promise you, your life will be amazing later if you follow this advice now.