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Harold told us , “ If we ever told the things we know , it would blow the lid off Capitol Hill .” Evelyn had kept a journal of JFK ’ s whereabouts and doings from 1951 to 1963 and had been offered millions of dollars by publishers for it . She never sold it , and she took the notes to her grave . It ’ s hard to believe that such a scenario like that would ever play out in this modern age .
These people still stand out in my memory as two of the most amazing people I have ever met — not just because of who they were — but also because of how interested they were in who I was .
Earning Real Client Interest It ’ s necessary to show more interest in our clients ’ lives , too .
After attending my story workshops , advisors often approach me and ask , “ If I have neglected to do this in the past , isn ’ t it going to seem sort of strange to start digging deeper into their story now ?”
My response ? “ Only if you are uncomfortable asking .”
The easy preface to start a conversation you wished you ’ d started long ago is , “ You know , I don ’ t know if I ever asked you , but …” and then ask your question .
How do you feel when people show genuine interest in your life , history , work and accomplishments ? Offended ? Invaded ? No . That ’ s what you feel when people ask inappropriate , prying or silly questions . When you ask somebody about their story , something different happens . You feel interesting , worthy of inquiry and important , and the dialogue rolls forth . In the process , you gain a real appreciation for the person you are working for . The empathetic connection you ’ ve made is so powerful that it will be next to impossible for any competitor to come between you and your client .
The journey into biography begins with a single question . How you choose to start the dialogue is up to you .

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