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FMG Suite Debuts New Lead Generation Capabilities

fmg suite , a san diego-based firm specializing in marketing software and services for financial advisors and insurance agents , has integrated new lead-generation capabilities into its platform . fmg suite ’ s new tools make it easy for every financial professional , regardless of marketing expertise , to capture new business . the streamlined process enables advisors to generate ongoing inbound leads with branded website components , unique page sections , pop-ups and forms to capture contact information . the new integration also provides valuable , engaging content , including e-books and quizzes , social sequences and display ads to increase advisors ’ online visibility , as well as providing event-marketing tools and automated referral campaigns .
LPL Unveils Proprietary Client Meeting Prep Tool
lPl financial is now offering its affiliated advisors access to meeting manager , a proprietary digital solution that makes it easier to prepare for client meetings . meeting manager is integrated within clientworks , lPl ’ s advisor technology workstation , and it ’ s available at no additional cost to all lPl advisors . this time-saving solution simplifies the steps necessary to organize and manage client meetings , and reduces the number of administrative tasks associated with them , creating more time in an advisor ’ s day .
CFFP Debuts Sports And Entertainment Designation
the college for financial Planning — a Kaplan company , headquartered in centennial , colo ., now offers merrill lynch wealth advisors exclusive access for one year to its new sports and entertainment designation . many successful athletes and entertainment figures , unaccustomed to sudden wealth , risk losing it all without professional advice and guidance , according to the college . the sports & entertainment accredited wealth management advisor ( or se-awma ) program is designed to provide advisors with the training and knowledge to help high-net-worth clients in the sports and entertainment fields grow , preserve and transfer their wealth .
By enrolling in the college ’ s program , participants will learn how to analyze and evaluate numerous wealth-planning strategies , including qualitative planning , trusts , investments , retirement benefits , cash flow and tax planning and business and estate planning , and they will learn how to customize plans and solutions for each client ’ s unique circumstances . the college for financial Planning provides a digital learning platform to access course materials and study tools , with a choice of live , online or on-demand classes .
FusionIQ Adds Alternative Investments To Digital Workstation
fusioniQ , a financial services company headquartered in woburn , mass ., has added more than 30 alternative investment products to its workstation through an integration with galaxy Plus , a managed account platform based in chicago . in addition to equities and fixed-income products , fusioniQ customers can now analyze and invest in a range of alternative investment strategies with minimums as low as $ 50,000 .
Qualified investors also have access to alternative investment advisors , as well as due diligence reports , daily data on exposure and attribution analysis and daily performance reporting . and by pairing a traditional advisor-driven experience with the convenience of a digital investment platform , investors can also manage portfolios that include retirement , individual , joint , custodial , institutional and trust accounts , fusioniQ said . new Hyde Park alternative funds is the sponsor of the galaxy Plus and galaxy Plus Hedge managed account platforms .
Wisdom Tree Launches BioRevolution Fund
wisdomtree investments inc ., an etf sponsor and asset manager headquartered in new york city , has launched the wisdom- tree Biorevolution fund ( wdna ) on the chicago Board options exchange . the fund is designed to track the price and yield performance of the wisdomtree Biorevolution index before fees and expenses . the index identifies key sectors and industries expected to be most significantly transformed by advances in biological science and technology . the wisdomtree Biorevolution fund , which has an expense ratio of 0.45 %, looks for eligible stocks in the areas of human health , agriculture and food , materials , chemicals and energy , and biological machines and interfaces .
Dynasty Adds Eaglebrook Crypto Offering To Investment Platform
dynasty financial Partners , headquartered in st . Petersburg , fla ., has partnered with eaglebrook advisors , based in washington , d . c ., to expand the selection of bitcoin and digital asset investment strategies available to its network of independent advisory firms .
By offering eaglebrook ’ s separately managed accounts through dynasty ’ s platform , dynasty ’ s ria partners can directly access bitcoin and digital assets , which are held in an offline , institutional-grade custody account at a qualified custodian . the separately managed account platform , which includes client onboarding , daily liquidity and tax optimization , is fully integrated with the major portfolio management and reporting systems , enabling rias and independent advisors to model , bill and advise on their clients ’ bitcoin and digital asset holdings within a unified technology ecosystem , dynasty said .
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