Eye Focus December 2019 - Page 21

EYE FOCUS | FEATURE The 2020 digital marketing playbook By Kaia Pankhurst, Marketing4ECPs One of the biggest mistakes any business can make in marketing is relying on outdated strategies. With the new year at our door, now is the time to intro- duce some new pieces to your marketing. I can't tell you how many times I've run into business owners who rely on resources from 10 years ago to cre- ate their marketing mix. Here are three important elements your 2020 market- ing strategy should include: Those resources were probably cutting edge in their day, but the world has changed since then. In the last five years alone, technology, consumer trends and advertising standards have all shifted. Realistically, marketing best practices change at least a little bit every year. Micro-Influencers The term influencer basically refers to anyone that uses their fame or significant social media platform to advertise products and services. Kim Kardashian, for example, is an influencer who promotes products on her personal Instagram. EYE FOCUS | December Digital 2019 21