Eye Focus December 2019 - Page 19

EYE FOCUS | FEATURE “Through gamifica- tion and engaging software, we created an active vision therapy that encourages children to perform vision therapy exercises consistently.” With AmblyoPlay, users perform vision therapy through red and blue glasses and interactive gaming software and are rewarded with to- kens they can exchange for physical awards that are sent to their home. The program – available via Windows and Mac computers, Android tablets and iPads – stimulates the eye mus- cles through two 15-minute sessions per day. “We realized quickly that for our target age group – children aged four to 14 – making the therapy engaging and rewarding was the first step in supporting parents and doctors as they treat amblyopia,” says Menart. “Lazy eye can lead to depth percep- tion and vision problems that have long-lasting effects, like reading and learning difficulties, social trauma, disadvantages playing sports, dif- ficulty obtaining a driver’s license and more.” Play – three months, six months or a year. The different durations address the unique needs of the user, which can be affected by the user’s age, the severity of their vision problem and how regularly they complete the vision therapy exercises, Smart Optometry says. Parents can monitor the progress of their child through AmblyoPlay’s automated progression tracker and share the results with their child’s doctor at subsequent eye examina- tions. More information on AmblyoPlay can be found at amblyoplay.com. Users have three subscription op- tions for gaining access to Amblyo- EYE FOCUS | December Digital 2019 19