Eye Focus December 2019 - Page 10

EYE FOCUS | COVER STORY BD8 In a world where approximately eight- million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day BD8 – Bio Plastics is offering an eco- friendly solution for contact lenses and plastics used in eyewear production. Our bio-degradable plastics can be naturally broken down into carbon, water and biomass. BD8’s Bio Plastics are lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colours, designs or patterns. One of the BD8 products is “Bio Poly- bag”, a biodegradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags. Another product deriving from BD8 is Bio Lens, a revolutionary 100% bio- degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill. BD8 Collection VISION OF TOMORROW At MIDO Eyewear Show in February 2020., Vision of Tomorrow will launch its own eyewear collection made from recycled PET plastic bottles that is 100% eco-friendly. Fabio Ferracane, CEO of VOT, says developing eco-conscious products should be a top priority for all eyewear companies. “At a global level, the impact of plastic production and its inefficient disposal is causing catastrophic environmental effects,” says Ferracane. “If plastic production levels stay the same, plastic volume is expected to increase fourfold by 2050. For this reason industrial politics must take a new direction and eyewear companies should do their part, too.” MODO MODO’s Eco brand has collections of both biobased frames, made using castor seed oil, and recycled frames, which are created with 95 per cent recycled metal. For fall/winter 2019, frames from both collections have magnetic sun clip-ons. Merano Eco also works with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for each pair of frames purchased. “With the help of all our customers around the world, we’ve planted more than two million trees so far and that number keeps growing,” Eco says. Aspen 10 EYE FOCUS December Digital 2019 New frames by Eco include the Aspen, Atlas and Merano sunglasses.