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Paul Tesori has it all . A dynamic partnership with US Open championship golfer Webb Simpson , traveling the globe as a PGA tour caddy . A beautiful wife and family . Longevity in his career . But it ’ s Tesori ’ s faith , what the family does for others and the blessing of his son , Isaiah , that drive him .
When broadcast networks mentioned Tesori ' s son , Isaiah , on television , the whole world fell in love with the boy who has continued to melt hearts wherever he goes . Tesori and his wife Michelle were inspired to share their son ’ s story with Down Syndrome to help other families and children .
They started the Tesori Family Foundation back in 2009 before Isaiah was born to focus on people in need in their Northeast Florida community . His birth inspired more good works , so the Tesoris expanded nationally to include specific programming for children with special needs . Ever since , they have contributed to childhood homelessness , battered women ’ s shelters , childhood disease and to the welfare of animals .
Ask what led Tesori along this path and he credits the grace of God .
“ Faith is extremely important to me and I ’ ve been a Christian for a long time , so I can ’ t imagine doing this world without it — I turned my life and my faith to Jesus , to a father in Heaven who loves us way more than we could ever imagine ,” said Tesori . “ My daily , monthly , yearly peace , I owe it all to Him .”
Tesori reserves the highest praise in their family foundation journey for his wife , Michelle , who helps professional athletes identify their own passion and turn it into the most impact .
“ She ’ s an incredible child of God and loves the Lord and she doesn ’ t even understand halfway how wonderful she is ,” said Tesori .
The couple is the epitome of relationship goals , but it isn ’ t always easy to stay on the healthy food train with so many foundation projects and job responsibilities in the air .
“ I am a husband who travels a lot in my job and I ’ m down to 22 weeks a year from 30 weeks , so we have struggled with healthful living sometimes ,” said Tesori . “ Michelle will be killing it for a few months while I ’ ll be struggling but it always turns into each of us working together .”
Planning is a big part of Tesori family wellness and it plays an important role in Tesori ’ s work life as well .
“ We are tempted knowing it would just be easier to throw some nuggets in the air fryer for Isaiah , but we know eating cleaner is the way ,” said Tesori . “ I have tried every diet in the world and it ’ s about sticking to something and asking yourself , ‘ What are you going to stick to and what ’ s doable ?’”
Among the biggest battles Tesori faces in a job that ’ s grueling on the body is inflammation , caused largely by sugar .
“ If you ’ re getting your sugar from fruit that is fine , but even honey I keep very limited because it will have a glycemic impact ,” said Tesori , who also limits red meat to farm-to-table with nothing synthetically induced and no fried foods . “ I wish I could go back to my mid-20s , but I have already done too much damage , so now I do the best with the body I have .”
One of the hardest working caddies on the PGA tour , Tesori loves his job . He plans to continue , even after four surgeries and another one this fall to get strong for next year ’ s tournaments free of back pain .
Tesori highly focuses on intense stretching , proper breathing , flexibility , and mobility every day along with using hard rollers for 30 minutes a day , 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night . Tesori works hard on his breathing , helped considerably by stretching and core work .
“ The PGA tour is like a big happy family ,” said Tesori . “ I work for one of my best friends in the world and one of the finest human beings in the world , so I want to be at my best .”
Tesori can expect to walk 1600 miles a year with a 50-pound bag on his back , so those aches and pains are easier to manage when he eats to live as opposed to living to eat . He sticks to tried and true routines to keep the adrenaline flowing for the 18 holes ahead .
“ I have a little thing that I do , get up in the morning and study the yardage books — so by the time Webb comes out , I am in work mode and ready to stay focused ,” said Tesori .
Above all , Tesori and his family are madly in love with their little boy — committed to sharing the message that children with special needs should not have to forgo the world but to educate the world to change it for them .
“ Spending one hour with my son , he has already taught me more in his life than I have learned in my 49 years ,” said Tesori .
Isaiah is also another reason Tesori loves partnering with Garden of Life .
“ They work with me and share products I can give my son and that are helpful for my whole family , which is why it ’ s so great to be affiliated with Garden of Life and talk about how these products help people ,” said Tesori . " Isaiah is full of joy — especially after playing with daddy — and as part of his wind-down routine , we love the Dr . Formulated CBD products which help him get restful sleep ."
Tesori was a Garden of Life consumer before becoming a Brand Ambassador . Along with other Garden of Life favorites , the Tesori family pantry is always stocked with Garden of Life ’ s SPORT Peanut Butter Chocolate protein bars .
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