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on television , talking about your story and how it melds into your life at that moment ,” said Booz , who is a master of creating atmosphere . “ Imagine walking outside when it ’ s windy and it ’ s getting ready to rain — and seeing a picture of that sky — you can almost smell the impending weather and hear the trees rustling .”
Present and approachable , Booz resonates with viewers because they trust her . She cares about the topics and the people she covers . Booz was the last person to interview hip hop pioneer DMX before his untimely death . She shared her experience with the legend on her Instagram page .
“ When I got the call to produce , and interview X , I was excited and nervous all at the same time ,” said Booz . “ Nothing could ' ve ever prepared me for your ethereal spirit , and you made the team feel more like family than anything else .”
It was an involved process in which Booz spent 48 hours with the legendary artist , visiting his favorite restaurant , Malecon ' s in The Heights , listening to his songs from an unreleased album and his stories , plus a sit-down , one-on-one interview . Booz ended her tribute post to DMX with a fitting testament to him : ‘ May you rest easy and radiate in heaven as you did here on this earth . Legends never die .”
Coming off a busy summer , Booz hit the road , traveling from Dallas to Houston , to Miami and then to Los Angeles . In her role as a television host , Booz has worked with NBC , BET , Revolt TV , VH1 and others , as well as being featured in numerous publications in her own right . In July , Booz traveled to Dubai , invited as part of an elite group for the Pynk Magazine retreat . It was the first of its kind and spearheaded by publisher Mecca Moore-Henson who had previously featured Booz .
“ Going to Dubai , it was my first time traveling that far , having been to places like
Amsterdam , Mexico and Bora Bora — this was the furthest I ’ ve been in the Middle East ,” said Booz , who explored the region as part of what she calls a once-in-a-lifetime getaway . “ It was a beautiful place to see , overlooking the skyscrapers and light shows , safari in the dunes of the deserts .”
Between travel schedule and assignments , Booz has a job that requires energy and centeredness . She wakes before 6:30 am and enjoys a fresh cup of hot tea , along with journaling , prayer and meditating in the morning to align the day , along with her Garden of Life regimen .
“ To be professionally aligned with a company you already feel personally aligned with helps me do what I do , because my job and lifestyle is dependent on my energy and being an on-air host even on days when I don ’ t feel like it , I have to project that energy ,” said Booz . “ I am so grateful to be a Garden of Life partner , to be a television host working in this space and they are helping me be all those things .”
Booz takes Garden of Life mykind Organics multivitamins , SPORT protein powders and probiotics , among others .
“ I cannot say it enough that Garden of Life probiotics changed my life and gut health ,” said Booz , who posts clever odes to her favorite Garden of Life products like apple cider vinegar gummies . ‘ Still APPLEsolutley loving @ gardenoflife mykind organics ACV gummies !’ she posted .
Booz ’ s skin care routine includes being moisturized beyond moisturized . Booz drinks juices and ginger shots , green smoothies and lots of loose tea . She uses rose hip oil and swears by Maybelline lip gloss for hydrated lips .
“ I ’ m human like anyone with cravings and I love to eat , but my skin and my body will always remind me of that ,” said Booz , who is a diehard fan of Starbucks . “ I want to live a great life when I am older , so I am mindful of the things I put into my body .”
At home , Booz cooks dinner , works out and works on her other businesses , including her online boutique . She listens to motivational videos and audiobooks to shake off the stress of the day , courtesy of her library card and Overdrive app to rent books virtually on the road .
Booz is every bit as intentional when it comes to nourishing her spirit .
“ Faith factors into my life in a huge way and without a shadow of a doubt , I would not have seen my dreams manifested without my faith in God and if I hadn ’ t prayed about it ,” said Booz . “ I knew if I put faith in Jesus , my heart ’ s desires would come to life and I am a living testament to being devoted in my faith .”
Of course , you have to do the work and know it will come to you , Booz advises , especially to young people entering the entertainment industry .
" Life is short and a lot of us spend way too much time on perfectionism — encourages Booz . “ Go after your dreams even if you ' re scared of the uncertainty and outcome . One should never live a life filled with regret on what should ' ve or could ’ ve been if all we needed to do was start . “ Always align with your goals and desires based on who you are and what you love .”
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