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Broadcast Boss

by Kelly Gray Merritt It ’ s good to be Amanda Booz . The television host , content creator and entrepreneur has a powerhouse personality , can-do attitude and the production chops to do it all . She makes viewers pay attention and remember what they ’ ve seen , covering segments on everything from music to fashion , wellness to entertainment .
Booz has worked in media for a decade , having studied communications , radio and television in college . She grew up inspired by what she saw on television — the niece of a well-known psychologist — Booz watched him on talk shows of the 90s era like Oprah , Dr . Phil and Montel Williams .
“ As a child watching these shows in support of my uncle , I loved the format and I conducted my own talk shows , with my dolls as my audience and something to substitute for a microphone ,” said Booz . “ Fueled by always wanting to do this , it is my dream job , and I am living it to the fullest .”
Stardom was anything but an overnight success story — from the years interning to the past seven years in television — preparing Booz for all aspects of production . She always wanted to be in front of the camera .
“ A lot of people come out the gate wanting to be on television , but they don ’ t have behind-the-scenes experience ,” said Booz , who made it her priority to understand the role of each individual when she walked onto a set . “ In television production management I was part of the team who created the budget and choreographed the show , and I ’ m constantly preparing in advance , editing scripts , meeting with producers and composing emails , getting ready to be the best that I can be .”
The end result is someone everyone wants on set . Booz makes it look easy , but beneath the glamour is a decade of blood , sweat and tears . In her role as content creator , Booz creatively curates content videos , photos and audio recordings . Music and colors , the atmosphere , photo location , all factor into a successful promotion .
“ Content is what people consume online in websites , blog posts ,
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