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Formula includes Organic Rosemary ( leaf ) Extract . Rosemary , a Mediterranean herb , contains antibacterial and antioxidant rosmarinic acid , plus several other essential oils that are known to have anti-inflammatory , anti-fungal and antiseptic properties .
Acerola Cherry
The next powerful ingredient included in our mykind Organics Elderberry immune support formula is Acerola cherry . In fact , all our new mykind Elderberry formulas contain Acerola as the primary source of vitamin C . Its high , whole-food vitamin C content contributes to its impressive antioxidant abilities . It can protect our cells from free radical damage , and increase the white blood cells in the body , which are the main line of defense for the immune system . Due to its antibacterial and astringent attributes , Acerola can help protect against infection and improve the body ’ s immune response . We are using acerola cherry extract which is extremely concentrated at 32-34 % vitamin C .
Zinc from Organic Guava
Our formula doesn ’ t stop there . We have also incorporated whole-food derived zinc from Organic Guava . Traditionally known for its anti-inflammatory properties , Guava leaf is rich in zinc , an essential mineral that is involved in numerous aspects of cellular function . It ’ s vital to support the healthy function of cells of the immune system . The body requires zinc to develop and activate specialized T cells that play an important role in immunity and in killing harmful microorganisms . Zinc may also help reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms by binding to the nasal mucosa and suppressing inflammation of the airways .

Rounding Out Our Elderberry Formulas

Cough & Mucus Immune Syrup for Adults & Kids
Along with Organic Elderberry , Echinacea , Rosemary , Acerola and Guava we added a clinically effective dose of Organic English Ivy Leaf to help this soothing syrup loosen and clear mucus . Ivy leaf contains saponins — plant-derived glycosides that have mucolytic , anti-inflammatory , and antibacterial properties . Traditionally , dry extracts from ivy leaves are used as an expectorant for coughs and to help reduce inflammation in chronic bronchial conditions . In Europe , English ivy leaf is indicated for expectorant use and for the relief of coughs ( EMA , 2017 ).
When you are coughing , English Ivy Leaf extract helps loosen and clear mucus . We ’ ve added immune system support from Black Elderberry syrup , Vitamin C from antioxidant-rich Organic Acerola Cherry and Zinc .
We offer two separate formulas , one for Adults & Children 12 and older , and one for Kids . Adults take 5mL of adult formula every four hours as needed . Kids 4ml of kids formula every 4 hours as needed .
New ! Elderberry & Sleep Immune Syrup for Adults & Kids
This also is delivered as two separate formulas , one for adults and one for kids .
mykind Organics Elderberry & Sleep Immune Syrup is expertly formulated with ingredients that support the immune system and promote restful sleep . This syrup is formulated with an Organic Sambucus ( Black Elderberry ) Blend , Organic Immune Blend , and Organic Herbal Sleep Blend . The product is intended for adults and children ages 12 years and older . There is a separate Kids Elderberry & Sleep version of this formula .
Often overlooked , sufficient restful sleep is something we all need in order to recharge our batteries and , most certainly , when we are fighting immune challenges . One of the powerful master herbs we use for our sleep formulas is Organic Lemon Balm .
Many people use this powerful herb to calm their nerves and relax . Several studies show that lemon balm , combined with other calming herbs such as valerian , help reduce anxiety and promote sleep . We combined these two bedtime herbs with chamomile to promote a restful night ’ s sleep , while supporting your immune system with Elderberry .
Our mykind Organics Elderberry Syrup offers highly concentrated immune system support
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