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Year Round Immune System Support

Support a Healthy Immune System
The first of our three formulas is our existing Elderberry Immune Syrup . This formula is designed to provide year-round concentrated immune support and to help you stay healthy . As a preventative therapy , it has a high dosage of 1.5g ( 1500mg ) of Organic Blackberry Elderberry per serving . This is a great formula to take when you feel that you are susceptible to immune challenges : perhaps your children are sick , or your colleagues in the office have the sniffles , if you are starting to experience early symptoms such as a scratchy throat , become highly stressed and run down , or just planning some air travel . This formula will help to protect your healthy cells from attack in all these real life immune-challenging situations . Organic Black Elderberry , Organic Aronia Berry , Organic Echinacea and Organic Rosemary are just a few of the powerful herbal ingredients in this immune-support formulation .
Elderberry by Dawn Thorpe Jarvis Senior Director Nutrition Science & Educational Content , Garden of Life
mykind Organics co-founders , Alicia Silverstone and Garden of Life , are proud to offer two additional delicious liquid formulas for adults and kids to the Elderberry line . Elderberry & Sleep , which combines bedtime herbs with our elderberry immune syrup , and Cough & Mucus , which soothes everyday throat irritations , while helping to clear mucus when coughing . All of these products are Certified USDA Organic , Non-GMO Project Verified , Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free , and are made with real fruit , no added sugar , artificial sweeteners , flavors , colors or any harsh chemicals — just wholesome organic plant goodness !
Rich in anthocyanins which provide antioxidant support , Elderberry has been traditionally used for colds , sinus infections and influenza .
Elderberry has a very long history as a medicinal herb . Dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates ( the Greek father of medicine ), it has been a major part of every practitioner ’ s medicine chest . Because of this , science has conducted considerable research on elderberry , demonstrating its immunesupporting capabilities . Its antioxidant power is one of the highest , with a large array of flavonoids called anthocyanins , which are known to contribute to the protection of normal healthy cells , and help protect immune cells from damage . Elderberry is renowned for its ability to reduce colds , sinus infections and even influenza . Packed with many beneficial nutrients , including minerals such as iron , potassium , phosphorous and copper , elderberries also contain vitamins A , B and C , as well as proteins and dietary fiber .
Aronia Berry is considered to be a super fruit because many of its benefits mirror those of Elderberry . Containing a high content of procyanidins , anthocyanins and phenolic acids , Aronia berry provides protection against the damaging effects of oxidative stress on the immune system .
Our clinical herbalist , Dr . Terry Willard included Organic Echinacea purpurea ( root ) extract to enhance the immune power of the formula . Phytochemicals abundant in the root of Echinacea , such as alkylamides and echinacosides , are thought to contribute to the immunostimulatory effects of the traditional plant . Echinacea has been shown in studies to reduce the severity of symptoms for the common cold by 45-to-58 %. It has been widely used for other issues including influenza , and respiratory infections .
• Traditionally used for reducing severity of colds
• 20 years of science on Immune System
Along with our organic Elderberry , organic Aronia berry , and organic Echinacea root extract , our Elderberry Immune
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