Extraordinary Health Magazine Volume 41 - Page 42

Flavors of Kindness & Compassion


by Kelly Gray Merritt
Falling down the TikTok and Instagram rabbit hole of food imagery is always a possibility when scrollers happen upon Nasim Lahbichi ’ s swoon-worthy recipes .
Found under the username @ lahbco on both platforms , the visual storyteller and recipe developer is based in Brooklyn , New York , one of the most vibrant food scenes in the country . Lahbichi was born to a Puerto Rican mother and Moroccan father , imprinting the souls of both cuisines on his heart . Somewhere along the way , Lahbichi formed a love map of sorts , a melding of those and other flavors he experienced growing up . The resulting photos and how-to cooking videos delight his loyal followers , 120,000 on Instagram and 330,000 on TikTok .
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