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New ! Dr . Formulated QUERCETIN + D3 5,000 IU & Zinc

by Dawn Thorpe Jarvis
Senior Director Nutrition Science & Educational Content , Garden of Life by Ryan Cornett
Manager , Nutrition Science & Educational Content
For the past year , Garden of Life has worked with Dr . Perlmutter to create a unique line of Dr . Formulated Quercetin formulas , combining the benefits of a novel chelated Quercetin called Phytosure™ with other powerful antioxidants and botanicals to deliver specific benefits for immune health , sports recovery , and specifically to help drop levels of uric acid .
Quercetin — the Master Polyphenol
Quercetin is a plant-based antioxidant called a flavonoid . This is a powerful plant compound that is found in various fruits , vegetables , beans , legumes , teas , and wine . Quercetin — a plant pigment — is associated with many of the health benefits seen in our most venerated health foods including blueberries , dark chocolate , green tea , olive oil , and red wine . Quercetin has even gained the name “ master polyphenol ” as it has a host of applications for human health .
What are the benefits ?
Quercetin has traditionally been used to decrease allergies , reduce inflammation , lower blood pressure , and improve brain health . Quercetin ’ s broad-spectrum antioxidant capacity has a regulating role on the immune system and can enhance adaptive immunity . This multi-faceted plant powerhouse can also assist with metabolic disorders and athletic performance . Garden of Life used modern scientific evidence to innovate with three targeted formulas for immune health , recovery & inflammation response , and reducing dietary uric acid levels .
What is Phytosure™ Quercetin ?
Garden of Life ’ s Quercetin comes from the Sophora japonica tree in Brazil . These trees contain one of the highest concentrations of quercetin in the plant kingdom . Mature trees produce a flowering bud that is ethically harvested , dried , and standardized for quercetin content . Garden of Life is the first company to combine our Quercetin with Organic Tapioca Starch as the carrier . Combining quercetin with an organic fiber assists with digestion and enhances the bioavailability of quercetin .
This is how we created our Phytosure™ Certified Quercetin . Phytosure™ Certification ensures that every batch of quercetin is standardized from 100 % plant material without ever using carriers , fillers , additives , or adulterants . Every batch is tested for herbicides , pesticides , and heavy metals . Phytosure Quercetin is Prop-65 compliant and has full traceability . This is the first quercetin to use Organic Tapioca Fiber to improve the stability and absorption . This unique Phytosure Quercetin is Dr . Formulated , Non-GMO Project Verified , Informed-Choice Certified , NSF Certified Gluten-Free , and delivered using organic tablet technology .
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