Extraordinary Health Magazine Volume 41 - Page 33

year traveling and living out of their suitcases , which means eating clean helps them keep up with a busy lifestyle . The Mediterranean diet is the closest thing to how the couple eats , with lots of local produce and fish , paired with grains or rice and regional vegetables .
“ We often cook at home most nights and love getting the local produce and groceries from surrounding areas and we have a little garden that produces all of the lettuce we could need as well as herbs and spices , since we both enjoying cooking ,” said Miller .
Slater also embraces wellness technology , including neuro wave technology , which according to the National Center for Biotechnology , measures brain waves and provides feedback to teach subjects how to self-control brain functions . The mobile version of wave neuroscience is called MeRT , otherwise known as magnetic e-resonance therapy .
“ This therapy included conducting an EEG on my brain followed by a Zoom meeting with physicians , who then created a program for me to help align my brain patterns ,” said Slater , who also places a premium on massage and bodywork to address temporary and ongoing musculoskeletal issues . “ Driving and getting on planes , I get muscle aches and pains , so I treat flare ups with Hypersphere , a ball-shaped device for trigger point release made by a company called HyperIce .”
Just don ’ t skimp on the sleep when striving for good health , Slater advises .
“ Adequate sleep is a big part of how you get healthy , because if sleep patterns are not right and you don ’ t get enough sleep , you ’ ll slowly go crazy ,” said Slater , who prefers the great outdoors to a gym . “ Being outside and on the water stimulates me emotionally , physically and intellectually , so it ’ s easier to stay in shape if the waves are good and I ’ m surfing every day .”
For both , health and healing are supported through a richly balanced lifestyle and healthful eating , enhanced with vitamins and supplements .
“ We are huge fans of Garden of Life probiotics , because while traveling , our gut biome health is super important , so the Dr . Formulated Probiotics and Primal Defense Ultra Probiotics have been game changers ,” said Miller . “ We also love Grass Fed Collagen in our smoothies daily and since we aren ’ t big breakfast people , unless Kelly is making his famous pancakes , we mainly have a nutrient-dense smoothie to kick off our day .”
Theirs has become a shared approach to wellness — including seeing health practitioners like naturopaths and osteopaths , blood microscopy and using devices to relieve pain and promote healing . They each have their own favorite regimens , like Slater ’ s home remedy of heavily diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide spray , which he swears by for respiratory health .
“ Kelly loves the Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal shake packets and always has them in his golf bag or when he ’ s on the go , which is always , because they ’ re easy to mix and have enough
minerals and nutrients to give him healthy energy ,” said Miller .
They travel with personalized kits of vitamins and supplements . On the road and at home , Miller is a fan of Pilates and meditation .
“ Five years ago , I went to a silent meditation retreat for 10 days and it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done , though stressful at first , I learned how to breathe and get quiet ,” said Miller . “ It really helps clear your mind at night and instead of being on your phone , there is a meditation even if it ’ s just five minutes .” Miller ’ s favorite meditation apps are Headspace and Insight Timer .
Miller and Slater are constantly evolving , finding joy wherever possible . Miller receives abundance and love from her beloved pets . It ’ s not unusual for friends to find Slater strumming his ukulele to an original song . For both , mindfulness and a sense of peace comes from doing what they love in life .
“ From some people you learn , and others you try to help , but everyone can have a positive effect on your life with opportunities for growth ,” said Slater . “ We are equally very active , creatively and work-wise , though me more than Kalani both love time off from work , so it ’ s about figuring out what makes you happy and believing in that .”
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