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honoring World Ocean Day , Miller expressed her gratitude for living a life led by the sea and her ‘ awe of the ocean ’ s beauty , power , energy , and ability to wash away worries and reset ’.
That authenticity underpins the MIKOH lifestyle , especially in the scroll-worthy on-location photos of the products . If even for a brief moment in time , it ’ s easy to see how shoppers can imagine that they , too , could be part of the lush island paradises showcased within its digital catalogue .
Slater is no stranger to such exotic tropical locales . Over the past three decades he has surfed destinations most of mankind can only dream of visiting . Recently tapped for the new ABC competition series The Ultimate Surfer featuring Slater as on-air talent and special correspondent , he guides surfers during competitions at the World Surf League ' s ( WSL ) Surf Ranch in Lemoore , California . Each contestant ’ s goal is to train to eventually compete among surfing ’ s elite athletes in the WSL championship tour . Only one will win the title of ultimate surfer . Slater ' s human-made wave technology at Surf Ranch is an even playing field .
“ The surf is more consistent here ,” Slater joked in a WSL segment during a competition that took place this past summer .
In one of the most exciting developments for Slater thus far in his storied career and for the sport of surfing overall , Slater could find himself in the upcoming Olympics as the first alternate on the surf team .
“ It will be the first time surfing has been in the Olympics ,” said Slater , a legend not just for surfing , but for his search for wellness .
In his 31 years as a professional surfer , Slater says he has only had one serious injury that put him out for a length of time . And that ’ s no accident . Doing a job he loves fuels his passion for discovering new pathways to good health , even with scoliosis and the toll years of balancing on a surfboard takes on a body . Slater is a force on the water and off , saving his risks for surfing competitions , not day-to-day activities .
Miller and Slater ’ s pursuit of extraordinary health goes beyond the typical ‘ what should I eat ’. They understand food sensitivities and familial patterns of sickness . Miller is stricter with diet than Slater , steering clear of alcohol , sugar and caffeine .
“ I grew up with a bad , highly sugar and processed diet as a kid so it became exciting to me to change my body and become aware ,” said Slater . “ I have a lifelong interest in improving my diet and health and it ’ s almost a full-time pastime .”
Both Miller and Slater spend the majority of the
We are huge fans of Garden of Life probiotics , because

“ while traveling , our gut biome health is super important ,

so the Dr . Formulated Probiotics and Primal Defense Ultra Probiotics have been game changers ,” said Miller . “ We also love Grass Fed Collagen in our smoothies daily and since we aren ’ t big breakfast people , unless Kelly is making his famous pancakes , we mainly have a nutrient-dense smoothie to kick off our day .

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