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A Shared Approach to Wellness Kalani Miller & Kelly Slater


by Kelly Gray Merritt
In the natural world , swimwear maven Kalani Miller and professional surfer Kelly Slater find solace and inspiration . They are at home in the salt air and crashing surf , where the sky meets sea and there is sand beneath their bare feet . The real world seems so far away and the word busy doesn ’ t even come close to describing their careers .
Just being Kelly Slater is an adventure . A pro surfer since 1990 , Slater is a household name in surfing and beyond , earning every greatest-of-all-time surfing title imaginable and amassing 11 world surfing championships . Miller and her sister Oleema have built their MIKOH brand into a revolution in women ’ s wear , especially swimwear . Splitting their time between Orange County , California and Hawaii , more often than not the couple gets to travel together . Their jobs often intertwine and while they make it seem effortless , it is hard work .
Miller ’ s MIKOH defines the marriage of fashion and functionality and the sisters launched their latest collection this summer , the first featuring eco-friendly swimwear .
“ We started the company when we were 19 and 20 years old , so we have been doing it for a while and we still really enjoy it ,” said Miller .
Their dedication to how everything fits their customers shows in collections that are fresh and thoughtful . The designs feature everything from colorful florals to neutral tones of swimsuits , ready-to-wear ( think flowing sarongs and dresses ) comfy velour loungewear and other coastal inspired fashions .
“ Our family grew up surfing in San Clemente in Orange County , California and my brother was a pro surfer and is now into every other water sport ,” said Miller , who is an avid outdoorswoman in her own right . In a recent social media post
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