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The Power of Sustainable Protein
Food system sustainability becomes more and more important as the world ’ s population continues to grow . Garden of Life ’ s Norwegian sustainable protein production is part of the solution , and can provide health promoting , effective , and sustainable nutrition to millions .
Today , both the planet and its inhabitants are in dire need of new sources of sustainable nutrition . Garden of Life has created a supply chain of deep ocean , Norwegian fjord aquaculture salmon protein designed to be the most sustainable , highly digestible , and best-tasting protein available . “ Some say wild salmon is better and more sustainable than farmed , however the ever-increasing demand for fish cannot be met from sea stocks alone which would face massive depletion . Wild caught fish also have no traceability and will accumulate heavy metals . The latter is a function of the waters they swim in and the older age at harvest of wild caught fish .”
Once the fish are matured among the ice-cold waters of pristine deep water Norwegian fjords , fish are fileted within one hour of harvest and full production is completed within 24 hours to ensure the highest quality protein available . All parts of the fish are used from head to tail to prevent any waste .
Attention to Every Fish
Garden of Life ’ s salmon protein starts with ancient species of salmon native to Norway . Fish begin life in hatcheries before they ’ re transferred to waterways located among the deep fjords and rolling hills of Norway ’ s coastline , growing to maturity in deep , pristine waters . This allows us to sustainably monitor and harvest salmon without taking more than we are producing , reducing the global impact while we create this powerhouse protein .
“ Producing fish for the dining table creates a lot of off cuts , whose value was overlooked in the past . Garden of Life salmon protein was set up to make better use of the valuable nutrients and biologicallyactive elements in the entire fish .”
Our salmon is raised as closely to wild standards as possible without the growing environmental impact that accommodates commercial fisheries .
“ We operate under extremely high production standards and rigorous quality control and Norwegian salmon production is ranked among the world ’ s most sustainable protein production . Norwegian deep ocean Salmon Protein is raised in its natural habitat and not a cramped pool of fish swimming on top of each other .” ~ Roger Hofseth
This is beyond standard aquaculture . Fjord-harvested Norwegian salmon provides the benefits of wild-caught fish with a fraction of the environmental impact . Our Norwegian salmon production is ranked among the world ’ s most sustainable protein production .



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