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of reducing it . Garden of Life analyzed this problem and partnered with innovative companies who sought to remedy this wasteful process . The result is a 100 % renewable energy supply chain that upcycles sprouted grains to create the world ’ s most sustainable protein . Taking a raw material that was creating problems , and turning it into a solution ; true circularity .
Garden of Life has ensured that every ingredient is Non-GMO Project Verified , verified glyphosate free , heavy metal free , 100 % USA grown , and is very low gluten . These proteins are tested to have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions ( 5 times lower impact ), lowest land use ( over 20 times lower usage ), and lowest water consumption ( 40 % more efficient ). Garden of Life is proud to introduce an innovative new protein that is not only good for human health , but also for the health of the planet .
Barley , an ancient grain that has been consumed for thousands of years , is one of the primary whole grains that support a heart healthy Mediterranean diet . The benefits of a Mediterranean diet are undeniable and both traditional and modern science are validating this style of eating for heart health and immune health . Many have called the Mediterranean diet a longevity diet ; one that promotes both immune resilience and immune rejuvenation . This is what led us to innovate with sprouted ancient grains to support the proven health benefits of the most physicianprescribed diet on earth : the Mediterranean diet .
Fava Protein
We are creating the future of protein with environmentally friendly pulses . Pulses are self-fertilizing and therefore need less nitrogen fertilizer , reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution . Pulse ’ s self-fertilize by fixing nitrogen in nodules in the roots of the crop ; they leave behind nutrients in the soil .
Fava bean also known as faba and broad bean , is a species of flowering plant in the pea and bean family Fabaceae . Our fava beans are 100 % North American grown , Non-GMO Verified and one of the most water-efficient sources of protein . They naturally regenerate soil without the need of added fertilizer . They require less energy , less water , and less greenhouse gases to produce protein . Our fava beans are tested and shown to be low in lectins and phytic acid , which is important for digestive comfort .
The unique combination of these sustainable protein sources provides high-quality protein ( 20g per serving ) with all the essential amino acids in each formula . Please visit our website for a full amino acid analysis .
As stated on our labels , our MD Proteins are more than just proteins — they are formulated to deliver the key benefits of the Mediterranean diet . So , we added some ingredients to these proteins to help provide these benefits including : Oat beta-glucans , olive leaf extract and clinically studied probiotics .
Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease * Oat Beta-Glucans
Hidden deep inside the soft kernel of oat stalks lies the secret behind the acclaimed health benefits of oats — a dietary fiber called beta-glucan . Our Swedish oats are grown and harvested for their high beta-glucan content . What ’ s more , they are grown under strict conditions that require the use of NO pesticides . Milling grains is a science and an art . For centuries , millers have perfected their craft of creating flours with key characteristics . Swedish oat farmers start with mature oats that are gently cracked to obtain the bran , and then sifted to collect just the right amount of soluble beta-glucan . The whole harvest is important from field to product .
More than 30 years of research have demonstrated positive health effects of oat beta-glucan . In fact , the effect oat beta-glucan has on cholesterol levels was first discovered over 60 years ago and has been continually researched ever since . In recent years , clinical studies have proven other health benefits like decreased blood sugar response after eating – and also improving the gut health .
Here is a list of the many benefits associated with consuming Oat Beta-Glucans : BOOSTS HEART HEALTH - Improved heart health is one of the best-known benefits of beta-glucans . Consuming three grams of beta-glucans daily has shown to reduce LDL ( bad ) cholesterol — in both people with normal cholesterol levels and high cholesterol levels . GOOD FOR THE GUT - Because oat beta-glucan is a soluble fiber , it absorbs water throughout the intestinal tract and bulks up stools , helping to promote regularity by improving constipation and diarrhea . Research has also shown that betaglucans may also act as a prebiotic , feeding the good bacteria in your gut and helping balance your gut microbiome .
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