Extraordinary Health Magazine Volume 41 - Page 12

Live Life


by Tracey Pollack
Welcome to the Mediterranean , where days are filled with healthy activity , relaxation fills the air , fresh foods are on the table and meals are shared with smiling faces . Long a picture-perfect postcard of white sands and sparkling seas , the region comprises the countries embracing the Mediterranean Sea , such as Italy , Greece , Spain and France . The region is loved for its natural beauty , but what truly defines the destination is a leisurely way of living where simple pleasures are slowly savored and healthy habits come naturally . In recent years , the foods and flavors of this region have traveled to American shores in the form of the Mediterranean diet to improve the health and lives of its followers . But there ’ s more to the Mediterranean than a delicious way to eat , it ’ s also a satisfying way to live . Bring the healthy pleasures of this way of life to yours with these secrets of a Mediterranean lifestyle .
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