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Dr . David Perlmutter has been a big advocate for consuming plenty of heathy fats for years , and the MD is ideally suited for this with consumption of oily fish , such as salmon , twice a week to deliver essential omega-3 fatty acids , particularly DHA and EPA . Dr . Perlmutter is also a big proponent of MCT oils which are highly prized because they can pass directly through the intestinal lining straight into the hepatic portal vein , which means they go directly to the liver to be rapidly converted to ketones which are used as a source of fast energy .
Dietary protein on the MD comes from all kinds of plants , notably beans , pulses and no- or low-gluten grains like barley . Also included is the moderate consumption of fish and seafood two or three times a week , optional artisan dairy , free range eggs , and limited use of pastured red meat or other meat products .
Being mostly plant based , the MD is naturally rich in nutrients such as vitamins , minerals , trace minerals , and lots of important antioxidants — especially polyphenols . It ’ s also rich in natural fiber along with other beneficial heart healthy ingredients such as beta-glucans . Highly refined , processed , packaged foods and fast foods are not part of the traditional MD . The MD is very low in processed sugars and sweetened beverages which is fundamental to support healthy blood sugar and minimize inflammation associated with most
chronic diseases . Some local red wine may be enjoyed in moderation — usually just a small glass with a main meal shared with family and friends .
Substantial clinical evidence supports the nutritional benefits , long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the MD for heart health and longevity . Now , new emerging cutting-edge science is focused not only on the immune supporting benefits of this antioxidant-rich diet , but also the benefits for immune rejuvenation . Dr . Jeffrey Bland has been keeping us up to date on new research focused on turning back your immune clock and anti-aging supported by a MD diet and lifestyle . ( See Dr . Bland article , page 26 .)
No wonder the Mediterranean Diet is now the most prescribed diet globally ! When it comes to assessing the health benefits of food patterns , instead of single nutrients or foods , the Mediterranean diet has justifiably received high interest . Evidence shows that the MD has directly supported substantial health benefits , with clinical results that simply aren ’ t available for any other dietary pattern . The beauty of the MD is that it can be adapted to any eating style whether you follow a Paleo , Vegan , Dairy Free or Flexitarian Diet . You can adapt MD foods to your own personal choices to stay youthful and healthy . Enjoy !
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