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FOR DECADES now , Rasmussen Chiropractic has been a popular stop for those seeking relief from aches and pains . Dr . Chris Rasmussen and his partner , Dr . Doug Breger practice in New Albany , and the office is booming with business .
Dr . Rasmussen has been in practice since 1983 having begun his career in Louisiana . He moved to Southern Indiana after friends told him how nice the area was and opened his chiropractic business in 1988 . Initially , he had two locations , including one in Jeffersonville on 10th Street , but eventually sold that location to his then-partner and focused on his office in New Albany . The company now employs nine .
Aside from basic chiropractic care , the office does decompression therapy , massage therapy , electro stimulation and heat and some rehabilitative procedures . Chiropractic adjustments and massage are their most popular therapies .
Rasmussen said it ’ s a common misconception that chiropractic care is strictly for bone , joint and muscle complaints . “ Chiropractic has been known to help with headaches quite efficiently ,” Rasmussen adds . “ Chiropractic deals with any kind of a pinched nerve situation such as numbness and tingling and aching in the arms and hands . It can help restore normality in terms of slipped disks or ruptured disks . It ’ s pretty versatile . The original purpose was never to treat back pain or neck pain . It was to remove pinched nerves and improve the health of the body and that goes back over a hundred years .”
Rasmussen says the Golden Rule is the reason his practice has been so successful .
“ I treat people in here the way I would prefer being treated myself ,” he says . “ If I tell somebody I think I can accomplish something for them , I try to do my best to accomplish that , and if I feel somebody has a problem I can ’ t treat , the first thing I do is try to find somebody that can treat them better than I can for that purpose . As long as you ’ re honest and straightforward and upfront with people , it works .”
Depending on a customer ’ s complaints , it could take just a couple of visits to resolve an issue or clients could be seen repeatedly if a problem is chronic . “ There ’ s no cookie-cutter , one-treatmentfits-all kind of thing ,” Dr . Rasmussen said . “ It depends on the problem .”
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