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4 Ways to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Seeking ways to add balance to your life when work seems to invade every aspect ? Try these four tips for achieving a bit more time for you and who or what you love .
SAY IT . It ’ s one of the shortest words in the English language . It ’ s also one of the most difficult to master . No . NO . Noooooo . However you say it , practice until it ’ s second nature ( and don ’ t shy away from adding “ thank you ” after you say “ no ” if it makes you feel more comfortable ). Just because someone asks you to do something , no matter how innocuous seeming the request , you don ’ t have to do it . Prefer Sundays to be low key and spent alone or with family but a friend asks you to see a movie or meet for lunch ? “ No , not this weekend ,” is a perfectly acceptable response . So is “ I appreciate the offer but am unavailable .” There ’ s no need to explain why or stammer through excuses . Just say “ no .” You ’ ll be glad you did .
Schedule it . Whether you use a paper calendar , keep a hard in your purse or work bag , or prefer an online version or one on your phone , schedule whatever helps you achieve balance on a regular basis . Block out the time and then treat it like a can ’ t-miss appointment with a client or your
doctor . Sure , it seems a bit impersonal to have to schedule , for instance , playing at the park with your kids , but you know what ’ s even more impersonal ? Missing out on precious moments because you allow work to keep getting in the way .
Download it . Our phones are capable of far more than most of us ever thought possible , so why not use it in your arsenal of tools to achieve a bit of balance ? Download an app that delivers a daily Bible devotion , guided meditation steps , workout reminders , or one of the many easily found by searching “ life balance .” Want more time to do non-work activities — or lack thereof — in your day , week , or month ? There ’ s an app for that .
Accept it . There ’ s no such thing as attaining perfection when it comes to work-life balance . Do the best you can and understand that sometimes you ’ ll achieve a modicum of success and sometimes you won ’ t . Accepting this reality is victory in itself . Once you get there , consider yourself as winning at work and life .


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