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“ Why do you and Daddy work so much ?” asked my 5-year-old daughter , her lower lip trembling as tears welled in her hazel eyes . “ I just want someone to play with me .”
I quickly turned away , both exasperated and filled with guilt . I have got to do better -- but how ?
It ’ s a rare person who can achieve the perfect work-life balance . So rare , in fact , I ’ ve never met one . What may feel like a happy medium to someone else often appears decidedly uneven to others . We often judge ourselves , and one another , in a vicious cycle that seems endless .
Back in 2020 , I ’ d worked hard to create a better balance , but my perception of how I was doing wasn ’ t matching up to my child ’ s reality . And that broke my heart .
Yet , the truth is , I love working – always have . And , as the CEO of a marketing and media production company with a multitude of clients and projects , there is much work to be done and I ’ m grateful for it . But , to my kindergartener , none of that mattered . Until it did , at least a little bit .
After grabbing a tissue to blot the tears from Olive ’ s eyes , I sat her down on the couch so we could talk . I reassured my girl of how much I love her while also explaining that I work hard at what I do to help provide her with things and experiences she loves – the scooter she rides at the New Albany skatepark , drum lessons , time at a local trampoline park , tickets to see a play , her fishing poles , the collection of sparkly tiaras in her bedroom , craft supplies , oodles of dolls and stuffed animals .
I also work , I continued , to help provide her ( us ) with things she ( we ) needs : food , clothing she grows out of on what seems to be a near weekly basis , our home , our car , electricity and water , items she never realized came at a cost .
I work so we can provide a helping hand to others on occasion , I said , reminding my dear daughter that we had “ adopted ” a family for Christmas at her request so we can help make someone ’ s holidays a little happier .
I also work , I told Olive , because I love what I do for a living and have dreams and goals I want to achieve and hope I always will .
But , I added , my most important priority is you , and I am so sorry I cannot always play when you want me to . I am going to work hard to get better at trying to find more time for fun .
Olive sat quietly for a moment and then turned to me : “ Well , I have work , too , Mommy . Can I do my school stuff and work with you and then we go downstairs and play ?” That ’ s a deal , I said . Juggling work and life is still a constant daily struggle . Some days I succeed , some days I utterly fail , but I never stop trying to be better . And as young as she is , Olive now understands – at least most days – that work is part of our life and she has a mama who is forever on the quest to achieve a better balance .
Truly ,
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It ’ s not ideal to take my daughter to work , but when there is no other option , sometimes you have to just roll with it . Photo taken at Maker13 in Jeffersonville with a number of the Make Your Move participants , a program made possible through a grant provided by Impact100 Southern Indiana .