Extol March - April 2020 | Page 63

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 FREE BLESSINGS ABOUND Lori Unruh Shares Her Picture Perfect Passion VOL. 5 NO. 6 EXTOLMAG.COM December 2019/January 2020 Lori Unruh was a fabulous cover gal. I also love her bracelets, her family, her story and her heart. This issue also sparked something in me: The desire to change our publication dates. Originally, we debuted so that our first bimonthly issue of every year would begin in February. But now that we have a solid five years under our belt, it’s time for a slight change. With a bit of math magic that means we won’t actually skip a single issue, we’ve opted to hop over February and coin this our March/April issue. That means the first issue of 2020 will be January/February. It probably means very little to anyone else except this type A++ editor. Hair Extensions custom tailored and as unique as each person who enters our salon. Because a woman’s hair is the crown that she never takes off. At Amie & Co. we believe in manifesting outer beauty to align with the beauty that lives within each of us. You can find back issues and stories – as well as the most recent ones – by visiting extolmag.com. Follow @extolmagazine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. EXTOL : FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020 61 1521 Blackiston Mill Rd, claRksville, in 47129 502.641.4895 | aMieandco.salon