Extol March - April 2020 | Page 36

SUPPLIES: • Your sign surface (whether a premade sign, slats of wood, or found materials such as yardsticks or paint stirrers) • 1” wide wood slats for the back • Clamps • Wood Glue • Stencils or Letter Stickers • Acrylic Paint/Wood Stain/Spray Paint • Paintbrushes • Hanging hardware/Jute string • Staple Gun • Optional: Wood Burning Kit Materials provided by Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop 420 New Albany Plaza | New Albany benfranklinartsandframing.com 34 EXTOL : FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020 STEP ONE STEP TWO Prepare your surface. I found some great premade signs at Ben Franklin that were only in need of a stain or undercoat of paint. If you are building your base from slats or found material, arrange the pieces with the facing surface down. I prefer the uneven edges on mine and then glue the 1” wide slats to the back and clamp until dry. Figure out what you are going to say. Then, how are you going to get your message to the surface? There are several ways to go about it. You can use stencils to draw the letters and then paint inside the lines. You can use the letter stickers as a mask and paint outside the lines or spray paint the whole surface, then peel the letters off. If you have time, patience and a wood burning kit with letter attachments, you can burn each letter into the wood one at a time or even hand letter your saying.