Extol Issue #1 2022 | Page 57

Hangin ’ With ...

Jacob Resch

What were the inspirations for your latest album Clockwork ? “ Some of my biggest inspirations were my favorite artists ; Mac Miller , Bruno Mars , The Beatles , The Rolling Stones , John Mayer , and many more . My personal relationships were another source of inspiration ; My parents , my girlfriend , my colleagues and bandmates , my friends , even strangers I ’ ve encountered . As strange as it sounds , COVID was a huge source of inspiration . I spent so much time locked away in my apartment writing , learning how to better produce music , teaching myself new instruments , and listening to new music . I was also able to reflect on my relationship with myself during that time , something I think a lot of people forget to do . It ’ s important to check in on yourself . Self care is huge for my songwriting .”
Photo by JD Dotson
Why is creating art through your music important to you ? “ It ’ s hard for me to articulate how I feel through words at times . Music gives me an outlet to let it all out . The songwriting process for me is so therapeutic . I think of music as the soundtrack to our lives . I take how I feel and put it into song . Whether it be a sad song or a happy song , for me there is no greater joy than when you see and hear a song come together right in front of you . I think if I can create music that people enjoy and relate to , that brings them happiness , or comfort , or whatever emotion it may be , I have achieved my goal as a songwriter . All of my favorite artists have done that for me , that is why it is so important to me .”
What ’ s up next for you in 2022 ? “ I plan on focusing on songwriting . I still plan on performing and working on myself as an artist , however , I view myself as a songwriter first and foremost . By the end of 2022 I hope to compile an extensive catalog of original music . If I record it , great . If someone else records it , great . For me , I just want to have what I have to say be heard .”
In addition to your music , how else do you spend your time ? “ When I ’ m not writing , I spend my time watching or playing basketball . I would have been in the NBA if I were just a foot taller and a lot more talented . In the summertime you can find me boating or waterskiing almost every weekend . Outside of that , I spend a lot of my time working in real estate development . I ’ m also a board member with Develop New Albany and the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission . Between music , development , Develop New Albany , and the Preservation Commission , I don ’ t have a ton of free time , but when I do I try as best as I can to just take it easy and relax .”
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