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That simple sentence is what we centered on for a recent episode of “ Extol Live ,” our 11 a . m . Friday live-streaming show .
In a world that increasingly feels out of our control – and out of control – it has become easier to lose our sense of worth and value . It also seems to have become harder for many of us to shake off the judgments of others .
On Fridays , when we livestream on the Extol Facebook page , YouTube channel , and Twitter account , our segments are often lighthearted . But that particular morning , we devoted nearly an hour to the topic of how to embrace ourselves and , equally as important , one another . Guests included BAYA Corporation Founder / Executive Director Tanisha “ Tish ” Frederick , whose nonprofit helps girls gain self esteem ; “ Extol Live ” regular Chef Liz Martino of MESA Kids Cooking School ; April Starks of Olive Tree Resources ; Extol staffer and Breathe + Move Co-Owner JD Dotson ; one of our content creators Lucas Hunchman ; and Community Montessori student and Extol intern Sage Garvey .
The conversation was intermingled with much levity ( as is often the case on “ Extol Live ”) and a delicious dish prepared by Chef Liz . But there were also some profound moments peppered in . For nearly an hour , we shared candidly about our own unique experiences and engaged with viewers who were commenting in real time online . Despite coming from varied walks of life , we all seemed to agree that there is an increasing sense of urgency in finding ways to lift ourselves and extend that kindness to others . ( You can still watch the episode ; it remains up on our social media channels . And , we invite you to join us at 11 a . m . Fridays , where we welcome viewers to weigh in via comments .)
One of the best pieces of advice that came out of the “ I am enough ” episode was an easy way to increase your sense of worth : volunteer your time for the benefit of others . It ’ s only fitting that in this issue of Extol we are highlighting 698 seniors who have committed to doing just that . In these pages , you will see each name of those who are being recognized by RSVP – the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Hope Southern Indiana ,
a part of Americorps Seniors . It is our honor to highlight the men and women who give of their time , talents , and treasures on a regular basis for our Southern Indiana community . We ’ ll recognize them all at 7:30 a . m . April 23 on a special edition of “ This Is SoIN ,” our Saturday morning television show . I hope you ’ ll watch with us .
Speaking of which … When we launched “ This Is SoIN ” on WBKI The CW in fall 2021 , we knew it would take time to build an audience for the Extol Media production . But , thanks to those of you who tune in at 7:30 a . m . Saturdays , our TV show viewership is growing . If you ’ re one of those and feel compelled to weigh in on any aspect of the program — even and especially while it ’ s on — shoot me a text . You can be sure I ’ m up sipping a cup of coffee watching right along with you and would love to hear from you . ( 502 ) 551-2698
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