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Ready , Set , Go !

Peggy Garbe ’ s meal prep business is top notch cuisine to go


never waned . n 2016 , Peggy Garbe left the restaurant industry in order to work a schedule more conducive to her family . But her love for creating flavorful , tantalizing eats
A member of Four Barrel Fitness , Garbe entered a challenge to prepare meals that garnered the attention – and oohs and ahhs – from her fellow crossfitters . “ I ’ d post my food on social media , and you get enough people saying , ‘ Oh , that looks awesome . I would pay you to do that ,’ and then you kind of think , maybe I should do that on the side . And then it kind of snowballed .”
The chef had nearly a decade of experience after serving in some of the area ’ s most revered kitchens , including Jack Fry ’ s , a Louisville institution , and began her foray into the industry at Sullivan University ’ s culinary arts program . So , she put her talents to work and started Ready Set Prep ’ d with co-owner and husband Andrew Garbe , operating out of MESA , A Collaborative Kitchen in downtown New Albany , as part of the company ’ s incubator program . Then , in late August , the Garbes opened their own brick ‘ n ’ mortar , which offers premade meals and made-to-order lunches .
Even though he works a full-time job , it ’ s not unusual to see Andrew at the cash register of the business when picking up orders on weekends . “ He ’ s my number one fan and my number one supporter ,” said Peggy , although it ’ s clear she ’ s amassed a legion of cheerleaders and customers .
HOW IT WORKS Ready Set Prep ’ d offers made-to-order lunches and grab & go meals Wednesday through Sunday . Pickup and delivery is offered , and it ’ s always fast , whichever you choose . For those
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