Extol December 2019 - January 2020 - Page 47

LIGHT THE HOLIDAYS Your inspiration for creativity STEP THREE STEP FOUR Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Before you let loose your powerful snowstorm, use a paintbrush to paint a bit of glue to things that would naturally catch a bit of snowfall if they were real-sized. I brushed the glue on the posts of the fence before the big storm started, so that they caught some of the flakes on the way down. You want a good amount of accumulation on the ground, but not enough to call off school. Accessorize! I wired a big, hand- tied bow on top, green with red velvet accents, pulling in some colors from my ornaments and added a bit of snow-covered greenery. The selection of ribbon and greenery accessories at Ben Franklin is staggering, so mix it up and bring your own taste into your scene. Then, tie away... unless you need some help. I have a confession, dear readers. I ran into Ben Franklin co-owner Kristy Dunlap-Smith who tried to teach me how to make the perfect bow. I took the ribbon home and made some not-so-perfect, pretty awful bows. So, I used Kristy’s sample as the bow for my final project. You can easily use a pre-made bow or have one of the super-helpful people at Ben Franklin help you out. It is the season of giving, after all. HappY HOLIDaYS FROM OUR FaMILY TO YOURS 420 New Albany Plaza (Across from Kroger) 812.944.1215 | www.benfranklinartsandcrafts.com Sign up for our email list, exclusive coupons and classes at www.benfranklinartsandcrafts.com