Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 7: Fall Issue- Oct/2017 | Page 34

self-healing to later take what she learned to share with everyone. She helped aid others in their own path to wholeness, good health, and happiness. It is my wish to do the same through my artistic contributions. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our audience? I enjoyed sharing with you today. It was a pleasure and honor to contribute to your lovely magazine, thank you for having me. Yes, I have a lot of exciting projects in the works. I am currently working on new portraitures series that I hope to be showing soon. For those who may have an interest in having me paint for them, I can be contacted via my web site or by email. You are a very inspirational woman. Despite having dyslexia, you’ve completed a degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Film and Animation. You’ve also received many awards for your artistic work. What advice do you have for others who are disabled and having a difficult time pursuing their dreams? Namaste To All! Thank you, I am glad I can be a source of inspiration to others. To tell the truth, it was not easy, I had a lot of trials and tribulations to find myself where I am today, and my life is still unfolding as we speak. However, despite it all, I am grateful for the experiences, because they helped me to become a stronger and more resourceful person. WWW.ABVACIOUSVIBE.COM My best advice is to follow your heart, do what you love, and be open to the best possible outcome. When you believe it's possible then you’re already half way there, the rest is just staying true to your vision. Inspirational role models come in many forms. They could be artists from the renaissance period, while others may simply exist in our daily lives. If you could pay homage to a woman in history or within your personal life, who would it be and why? I would have to say Louise Hay. She inspired me with her personal life's journey on how she dealt with going from tragedy to triumph, with her own Page 33 Love, Abby [email protected]