Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 7: Fall Issue- Oct/2017 | Page 16

allowed me to create texture that would enhance the facial characteristics of the women. Another reason why I decided to use rocks instead of other natural materials is that rocks represent toughness, they are strong but they can also be smooth and unique, you will never find two identical rocks, same as women, there are no two exactly alike. How significant is the use of colours in your artistry and how do you decide what colours are used in your pieces? I love to use vibrant colours in all my pieces. Depending on the type of work I am creating, the music that I am listening to guides the palette of colours that I would use, especially when I am creating my blob pieces. The music and rhythm defines the combination of colours and the movement that will shape up the finished piece. Also, based on the situation or experience that I am going through, I choose the combination of colours for the work. I think that colours are a very important part on the creation, because they reflect the artist’s emotions and inner thoughts. I am still learning how colours interact with each other, and one of the most exciting things for me is to be able to create new colours and experiment with them. My works have been defined as abstract 2D expressionist paintings with a diversity of materials incorporated into them. However, regardless of the colours and techniques I use, I like to be able to transmit feelings to the viewers, and as long as this happens I know that I have succeeded in creating my work of art. If you could pay homage to a woman in history or within your personal life, who would it be and why? Well, I think there are many women that are doing valuable things to improve the world we live in, and they deserve recognition for what they do. We have accomplished a lot of things in business, careers, art and the roles we play. I believe we are at the same level as men, but we still have to change some stereotypes and work hard on this issue. We need everybody to engage on everything they are good at so we can protect and have a better world to live in. I admire women that fight against discrimination of our gender. Society, religion and human conflicts are themes that Page 15 I take into consideration in my works. I like to be inspired by real life situations or experiences, which may cause a remarkably compelling narrative in the viewers. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our audience? In the near future I have an exhibition at the City Hall in Atlanta GA, where I will be presenting my Fauve Series in October. Also, I am working on an outside project sculpture exhibition with my Blobs Series collection. I want people to remember today the games we used to play as children, and take that idea to the 21st century modern and contemporary art. This will be a work where you can actually interact and play with the art pieces. My goal is to have a solo exhibition of my works and to continue creating and experimenting with everything this planet has to offer us. I am always open to new ideas and challenges, and will continue expanding my body of works. Please visit my website so you can see my collection of Blobs Series, as well as my series of Abstracts, other works in the Fauve Series, events, and to get to know me a little bit more. You can also follow me on Instagram: vivianantoniniart. www.vivianantoniniart.com