Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 7: Fall Issue- Oct/2017 | Page 47

Your style of artistry is very original and creative. Where does your inspiration come from and what is your background as an artist? Please tell us more about your distinctive style of painting, what goes into creating such masterpieces? I pushed pixels around for a lot of years as a designer. I would apply different types of filters to images to give them a new look. Now I essentially push around liquid plastic. I just find an image I’d like to paint, spend about 90% of the time rendering it very carefully, and then spend the other 10% obliterating it. I use pieces of rubber and plastic. Is figurative painting your preferred style of painting? If so, why? Do you have a preferred choice of material for your artwork? If so, what is it and why? Humans are the most beautiful creatures on Earth. I’m searching for Beauty. There’s also some magic in the faces. I think it’s the Light of God in the Face of Humanity. Oil, the colors vibrate the most. Your body of work includes some very unique depictions of women. Page 46