Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 7: Fall Issue- Oct/2017 | Page 45

than not, the canvas/painting surprises me with unpredictable responses. What type of paints or materials do you prefer to work with and why? For the last year, I have been using exclusively acrylics (before, it was watercolours). I like the acrylics for its speedy drying. It suits my type of character and favours a vivid conversation/interaction with the canvas. I have found too that acrylic paper is a very convenient support to use. It is cheap, easy to handle and takes little space when storing away. The textural surface of the paper also varies from the different manufacturers. That would be my partner Maria, who I’ve lived with for the last four years. She is a professional painter for forty years. I mentioned earlier that my genes and theoretical approach have given me a chance to kick- start as a painter. But of course, without Maria’s inspiration and good guidance, I would have had an uphill struggle in pursuing my new course in life. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our audience? I take painting seriously without being constrained by economical necessities, or in need of achievements to lengthen my CV. Success and recognition are of course rewarding; but the driving force in my painting is the pleasure to paint and the desire to master the art. MALCOLM-MCEWEN.SE You are excellent at combining the use of tones, colours, lines and shapes to create a unique piece of art. Can you tell us more about your artistic style and how these elements play an important role in creating your pieces? I pursue a spontaneous approach to painting; and I like trying different techniques. I tend to use colours in a vivid way. Of late, I am using quite often a dough spatula (without the handle) to make marks instead of using brushes. Very interesting effects and shapes can be obtained. I mostly paint abstract or abstractions, which is facilitated by the interactive conversation with my canvas together with the use of acrylics and vivid colours. Sometimes, a painting that started as an abstract ends up in a surprising way representing something. Inspirational role models come in many forms. They could be artists from the renaissance period, while others may simply exist in our daily lives. If you could pay homage to a woman in history or within your personal life, who would it be and why? Page 44