Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 7: Fall Issue- Oct/2017 | Page 30

A bby Lippitt gives new meaning to trans-dimensional by utilizing the art of psychometry (the art of reading energy in photographs). Abby can channel subtle energies contained within photos into her paintings; bringing life to canvas most apparent with the eyes of her portraits. Being a natural intuitive, Abby was drawn to the healing arts that led her to study Theta Healing, a healing modality that incorporates reaching a theta state of consciousness and connecting to 'Creation Source' for a deep level healing. By integrating this methodology into her work and streaming her contention with Source within her brush strokes, Abby creates healing works of art. Abby is highly regarded for her vibrant paintings; her preferred medium is digital art due to its capacity for the use of color and light. Abby holds an affinity with this artistic practice because it is akin to another one of her great loves and inspirations: Animation. Abby's desire to help others comes from the fact she's disabled herself. It is her wish to show others, in similar circumstances, that they too have value and something to contribute to this world. Despite her disabilities, Abby has dedicated her life to studying the Arts. Her education includes Rhode Island School of Design and The University of Arts. She has a degree in the Fine Arts with minors in Film and Animation. Abby, also, holds a certification in Theta Healing. Abby’s work was presented at an event sponsored by three nonprofit agencies (The Orion Art Center, The Art Experience, and Common Ground) honoring The Healing Power of the Arts. She also has donated a portion of her Transcendence series to the Disability Network of Michigan. Abby’s artwork has been recognized by The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery as an SR Artist (Special Recognition Artist) for both the 7th Annual “Figurative” Exhibition & “Animals” Art Competition. Abby is currently continuing practicing her art career while inspiring others to do the same by writing articles for the Body Mind Spirit Guide. Abby’s works can be found on her website. WWW.ABVACIOUSVIBE.COM Page 29