Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 9

Colors are very important to me . They are special to me because a few years ago , before trying to learn digital painting , I used to draw mostly in black and colors . I was much more focused on the lines than the colors . I think I was scared of using colors in my art as I never properly learned the rules of placing colors . But a good thing is that if you like images , you can look at them a lot and analyse them and you ’ ll start to develop a sense of colors . I ' m not a “ master ” in colors , I have so much more to learn about them but this is something I ’ m a bit more comfortable with because I ’ ve dived into a lot of colorful images , watching them and then experimenting with them . Now when I ' m working , I ' m thinking of 2 specific colors that could fit well together and then I ’ m building on top of this . I figured out that many colors can fit with each other if the graphic style you ' re using lets this happen .
You mentioned that you create both digitally and traditionally . Do you have a preference ?
That ' s a tricky question ! Haha ... I ' ve started digital work as it was much easier for me to overpass the fear of trying to paint things ( at the time I didn ' t have as much knowledge about all of this ). It was easy to erase things of course , and also modify the drawings and change colors easily . It was also much easier to store my art on a hard drive than in my room . So that was the best choice I think . Then as I learned to paint , I figured out that my art was inspired also by traditional painting with brushstrokes , the process was similar I think . So I decided to try traditional and I loved the feel of creating things with real paint and real markers , the approach to create this way is more “ wild ” that ' s what I like about it . Honestly , I wouldn ' t like to stop creating digitally or traditionally , I ’ m keeping both of them in my art but not for the same reason . It ' s very complementary in my art and I ’ m inspired by both of them .
“ For me , Abstract and realism are 2 faces of a single coin , it ' s art and no matter which technique , medium , knowledge you use , as long as some people feel emotions watching it , the artist succeeded in his mission .”
Some will love , some will hate that ' s the way things are working and that ' s great . Furthermore , I ' m mixing both approaches in my art in a certain way . I can ' t agree with one field and disapprove the other , I ' m considering to mix both of them and it will succeed the same way . There is no rule about this .
France has a rich artistic culture . What are some of the best artistic venues worth visiting ?
On this apsect we ' re lucky in France . The country has always been supportive of the arts ( it doesn ’ t mean it ' s easy to be an artist in France . Haha ). When I was younger I didn ' t pay too much attention to museums and now I ' m discovering what I ' ve missed back then .
As a painter , what are your thoughts about realism vs abstract art ? Do you feel that abstract art should be held to the same credibility as realism art ?
This is an interesting question . I think most people today are attracted and sensitive to one field or the other . Some will say abstract art is too difficult to grasp and understand , others will say that realism is something that belongs to the past and everything was done with it . I don ' t think this is true in both of the cases .
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