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New Product : Global Heat Flow and Geothermal Gradient maps Are you trying to reduce uncertainty in your basin models ?

We now deliver heat flow and geothermal gradient maps , providing Neftex ® Advanced subscribers with the best inputs for their workflows . These maps :
• Are derived from over 60,000 global observations • Are constrained by an innovative machine learning algorithm trained on a suite of geological parameters to interpolate between data points
• Provide global predictions of both heat flow and geothermal gradient between data points
Poorly defined thermal boundary conditions introduce large uncertainties into petroleum systems evaluations . Overcome the difficulties of a lack of data and reliance on generalized models with our global dataset and innovative global predictions of heat flow and geothermal gradient .
They are available to view on the Neftex WebMapper and through the Data Downloader as rasters .
Contact us today for more information .
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Dr. Wrobel-Daveau has BSc and MSc degrees in geochemistry, geochronology, and cosmonucleids dating methods from the University of Grenoble, France and a PhD in structural geology and detrital thermochronology from Cergy-Pontoise University, France. Prof. Bruce Eglington, Murray Pyke Chair, University of Saskatchewan Bruce studied geology in South Africa, completing a PhD in 1987. His career began in mining and exploration, then at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and later, the Council for Geoscience, before moving to the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a broad interest in geology and mineralization with an emphasis on quantitative approaches. Bruce is an active participant in various IUGS projects, currently co-leading IGCP 648 and the Petrology Working Group of IUGS-DDE (Deep- time Digital Earth). Bruce has designed and developed various online databases for geological data and is co-developing the PalaeoPlates reconstruction model. Dr. Graeme Nicoll, Solution Owner at Neftex ® , Halliburton Landmark Graeme joined Neftex in 2012, after completing post-doctoral work in geochronology and basin dynamics at Edinburgh University, and working as an industry consultant looking at North Atlantic crustal evolution. He has developed our mineral deposit, geochronology datasets and source-to-sink maps, and their subsequent integration into supporting plate modeling and gross depositional environment mapping. Graeme is now responsible for strategy, scientific vision, and development of the Neftex ® portfolio of global geoscience products connected to the Earth System. He holds a PhD degree from Trinity College, Dublin. DISCLAIMER This article is a synthesis based upon published data and information, and derived knowledge created within Halliburton. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, no proprietary client data has been used in its preparation. If client data has been used, permission will have been obtained and is acknowledged. Reproduction of any copyrighted image is with the permission of the copyright holder and is acknowledged. The opinions found in the articles may not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. and its affiliates including but not limited to Landmark Graphics Corporation.