Exploration Insights September 2020 | Page 3

CONTENTS Comparing the Qualities of Petroleum Systems: A Holistic Approach The resource potential of a petroleum system depends on the quality of the elements (e.g. source rocks and reservoirs) that comprise it and the efficiency of the processes (e.g. burial and migration) that affect it. This article summarizes a semi-quantitative method for assessing these aspects at a global scale to enable objective comparison and analogue identification. 04 Pushing the Boundaries of Plate Tectonic Models — Past, Present, and Future We discuss the genealogy of global plate tectonic models and their progression over the last 50 years, how they are constructed, the underpinning data, and the uncertainties involved. We also emphasize the importance of dynamic plate boundaries and the future direction of whole Earth system models. The Exploration Handbook — Paleoclimate Models in Exploration Paleoclimate models are numerical simulators that provide a physics-based approach to understanding the distribution of a range of sedimentary facies. They can, therefore, provide an informed prediction on the presence of petroleum systems elements away from data control. 24 Editor Rebecca Head Editorial Advisor Mike Simmons Artwork Alessia Nawell Helen Ding Rachel Hopper Design Rachel Hopper Circulation Stefanie Clayton 14 On the cover: image courtesy of Halliburton Scan the QR code below and sign up to receive our monthly digital magazine. This magazine is published by Halliburton Landmark. For comments and suggestions contact: [email protected].