Exploration Insights September 2020 | Page 22

12 | Halliburton Landmark

New Product : Global Heat Flow and Geothermal Gradient maps Are you trying to reduce uncertainty in your basin models ?

We now deliver heat flow and geothermal gradient maps , providing Neftex ® Advanced subscribers with the best inputs for their workflows . These maps :
• Are derived from over 60,000 global observations • Are constrained by an innovative machine learning algorithm trained on a suite of geological parameters to interpolate between data points
• Provide global predictions of both heat flow and geothermal gradient between data points
Poorly defined thermal boundary conditions introduce large uncertainties into petroleum systems evaluations . Overcome the difficulties of a lack of data and reliance on generalized models with our global dataset and innovative global predictions of heat flow and geothermal gradient .
They are available to view on the Neftex WebMapper and through the Data Downloader as rasters .
Contact us today for more information .