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The authors would like to acknowledge Neftex staff members , past and present , who have contributed to building the underlying content that forms the basis of the assessment described herein .
Treloar , M ., D . Slidel and O . Sutcliffe 2018 . Illuminating the Anatomy of Super Basins . Exploration Insights Magazine . Exploration Insights Magazine no . May , p . 6-12 . ( XURBB _ 639037 ).
Dr . Owen E . Sutcliffe , Head of Global Geology and Geophysical Practices , Halliburton Landmark
Owen started his career as a postdoctoral research assistant with the University of Wales , Aberystwyth and LASMO , researching the petroleum geology of the Late Ordovician glacial clastics of North Africa . In 2000 , he joined Badley Ashton & Associates as a sedimentologist , before his employment began at Neftex Petroleum Consultants in 2003 . Since the acquisition of Neftex by Halliburton in 2014 , Owen has held roles as Head of Stratigraphy and as Manager of the Neftex ® Insights portfolio . He is a member of the Geological Society , London and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain ( PESGB ).
Mike Treloar , Product Owner — Screening Applications , Halliburton Landmark
Mike is responsible for guiding the development of cloud-based technologies that drive efficiency gains and integration , in screening workflows . He has six years of industry experience , having performed different roles across several areas , including content management , technical marketing , and exploration-focused regional geoscience . Mike has a Master ’ s degree in Geology from Imperial College London , U . K .
Daniel Slidel , Team Lead — Petroleum Systems Analysis , Halliburton Landmark
Daniel started his career as a field assistant , working for CASP in the Canadian Arctic Islands . He joined Neftex Petroleum Consultants in 2011 , where he was involved in building regional exploration projects for the Arctic . In his current position at Neftex ® , Daniel is responsible for operational management of the Petroleum Systems Analysis team . He has eight years of industry experience , and holds an MSci Geology degree from Royal Holloway University , London , U . K .
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