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6 | Halliburton Landmark Exploration Insights | 7 SO WHERE DOES THE CLOUD FIT IN? The benefits of cloud computing can be seen everywhere and impact our day-to-day lives, as highlighted in a recent Exploration Insights FairwayFinder takes the traditional screening workflow and upgrades it to a cloud-hosted application, accessed through a web browser. By hosting geoscience content and powerful geoprocessing side-by-side within the cloud, all the required content can be accessed seamlessly and run through an automated While the benefits of accessing and interrogating Neftex Insights content through a cloud-hosted screening tool like FairwayFinder are evident, this is only the beginning of the story. Exploration companies invariably maintain vast proprietary datasets that provide the core of the content for their screening workflows. In addition, numerous vendors provide datasets that require integration to help answer key exploration questions. “Wallace Pratt said, ‘Oil is first found in the minds of men,’ but nobody finds much oil when they can’t get a hold of their data.” Stephen Greenlee, ExxonMobil (AAPG Explorer, July 2019) Content Vendor New Ventures Team Wellsite Team Core Analysis Lab Asset Team Data Vendor Finally, it is also important to maintain consistency in this process through the application of a standardized workflow. If one geoscientist’s workflow varies from another, it will result in an inability to compare results when trying to assess plays and rank the petroleum potential of different basins either locally, regionally or globally. The Neftex Insights business is built around gathering geoscience data from the public domain and interpreting it within the context of our proprietary sequence stratigraphic and geodynamic models. These interpretations are used to derive a global suite of products that include gross depositional environment (GDE) maps, regional-scale depth frameworks, and databases of correlated geological data. To utilize this content in a desktop-based workflow, as described in the previous section, the user must first identify the relevant content. This content must then be downloaded from various repositories and integrated in a software package. Given the time constraints of an upcoming licensing round, or the sizeable task of performing this workflow globally, too little time is available to test numerous plays or consider many scenarios for a single play. This typically leads to the testing of known concepts and safe parameters over new ideas and ‘what-if’ scenarios, yet some of the most significant discoveries in recent years have resulted from novel play concepts. article, What does ‘cloud’ really mean for exploration? (Harvey and Zaborski, April 2019). When it comes to exploration workflows, including basin screening, the key challenges lie in data access, integration, and processing, all of which speak to the strengths of the cloud. Neftex ® Insights has been leveraging the power of the cloud to help build several assisted interpretation technologies. Here we will highlight FairwayFinder, our cloud-hosted basin screening application. A VISION OF THE FUTURE Each of these steps forms a significant hurdle to the screening process, with the technological barrier to entry high, and the time sink large. If this initial barrier is overcome, the size and volume of data that can be processed during any one run within the desktop environment can also be severely limited, making screening on anything greater than a basin-scale a time- consuming challenge. power added as required (Figure 3). This allows the user to derive insight into the hydrocarbon potential of any play, at any scale, in minutes. Figure 3 > Unconstrained by the capacity of a single machine, cloud-hosted processing is fully scalable. This means screening can be conducted at any scale, from a single basin to the entire globe. The significant time savings gained from this cloud technology enable users to run numerous screening scenarios for a single play and fine-tune play parameters to get a range of results indicating various levels of optimism. Alternatively, a user can feed in several play concepts and compare them like- for-like between any basins, on a global scale. The cloud computing technologies leveraged by FairwayFinder allow processing to be fully scalable; screening can be performed on a basin to global scale, with more computing Evergreen geoprocessing engine in a single step. The Neftex Sequence Stratigraphic Model provides the necessary framework for data integration, allowing content to be related in the context of geological time. Utilizing this globally correlated dataset and the computing power of the cloud, FairwayFinder executes a consistent basin- screening workflow at the click of a button. Figure 4 > The vision for a cloud-hosted workspace for exploration. Relevant data from across an organization are collated in the cloud. Global screening workflows can then be run on the most up-to-date and complete dataset available.