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The Impact of Cloud- hosted Technologies on Global to Basin Screening With global exploration picking up, explorers face the combined challenges of undertaking frontier exploration with a reduced work force, and ever-increasing volumes of data. We examine how cloud- hosted screening technologies can help address these issues. CONTENTS 04 The Drift Towards Plate Tectonics From continental drift to a holistic understanding of the whole Earth system — how does plate tectonics inform natural resource exploration? Here we review the evolution of the theory through the centuries, and how its various applications support hydrocarbon exploration, and will continue to do so in the future. 10 Supporting Efficient & Informed Decision Making NEFTEX ® INSIGHTS CORE SOLUTION Forecasting Hydrocarbon Volumes: A Geochemical Approach Editor Rebecca Head Editorial Advisors The assessment of hydrocarbon resources is a challenge in exploration. This article presents a workflow to calculate the volume of hydrocarbons generated, and the amount of petroleum in reservoirs, illustrated by a case study of the Bakken Petroleum System, Williston Basin. The application of this workflow to different basins would enable them to be ranked in terms of their potential. Mike Simmons Thomas Jewell Design and Circulation Reduce the time it takes to get up to speed on the geological essentials of a new area of interest, leaving your team with more time to focus on developing proprietary insights and making informed decisions. Stefanie Clayton On the cover: Patagonian Clouds. Source: @amy. thephotographer The Neftex ® Insights Core Solution allows you to benefit from the ability to: » » Identify the key tectonic events that contributed to the evolution of a region or basin » » Assess the stratigraphic evolution, and the presence and distribution of petroleum system elements » » Identify proven and potential plays, providing insights into the untapped potential Scan the QR code below and sign up to recieve our monthly digital magazine West 16 East The Exploration Handbook — Play Cross Sections Find out more about how the Neftex Insights portfolio can accelerate your team’s time to autonomy. This magazine is published by Halliburton Landmark. For comments and suggestions contact: [email protected]. Play cross sections are simplified geological cross sections that illustrate the stratigraphic and structural context of one or several plays along a particular transect. This article shows how play cross sections reveal important insights into the tectono- stratigraphic evolution of an area, and can be predictive of play elements and potential Predominantly deep-marine mudstones Sand-rich clastic intervals plays. 22 Salt Predominantly shallow-marine carbonates Predominantly deep-marine carbonates Basement