Experience Whitehouse Business Magazine - Page 4


Accessibility to Transportation –Whitehouse, the epicenter of the Anthony Wayne region is easily accessible whether by highway, air and rail. Its proximity to the Toledo Express Airport placed the region in an excellent position to accommodate logistic companies.

Abundance of land for development – Total land area of 156.180 square miles, approximately 100,000 acres of total land area provides ample opportunities for land development.

Quiet Country Setting- The community offers beautiful and quiet neighborhoods, spacious land backyards and the serenity of country living.

Availability of Recreational Parks – There are more than five parks offering scenic beauty either when taking a walk to fish or to explore the nature.

Low crime rate- the region has the lowest crime rate in the country, in a scale of 1-10 the region’s crime rate is 2.

Availability of Business Financing Options- Both in the state and local government levels, several programs exist to support business start-ups and growth as well as our local lending and financial institution partners.

Community Support for Businesses- Whitehouse through the Anthony Wayne Regional Chamber of Commerce has robust energy, technology and economic development programs available to assist local businesses.

Availability of well-educated Labor Force -Above average High School graduation rates: 89.62% of the population higher than the state average of 87.7%.

Bachelor’s degree or more: 18.68% of the population; Whitehouse 28.6%.

Total student population for local universities is over 79,000 with varying graduation rates as high as 53%.

Higher per-capita income - $28,047 higher than the State’s average of $25,113 (Lucas County $23,981)

Affordable Cost of Living – The area's Cost of Living Index is 94.68, over 100 is considered high cost.

Excellent School District-The Anthony Wayne School District has been rated “EXCELLENT” by the State of Ohio in the past 13 years.

The income tax rate is 1.5%

on gross income.

This is the lowest municipal income tax rate in our region.