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Business Assistance Programs & Services

Financing your business

If you need addtional financing beyond your own or family resources, the following options are available.


PNC Bank

10901 Waterville Street

Whitehouse, Ohio 43571


First Federal Savings & Loan of Delta

6600 Providence Street

Whitehouse, Ohio 43571



At the Chamber

The Anthony Wayne Regional Chamber is the leading catalyst and convener to address the business, social, and civic issues that are critical to the community. Our network of over 2,000 businesses members in the newly created Chamber Partnership has led to increased participation and connections that enhance your opportunity. We understand that small business owners need more than a network and advocacy.

Our small business advising and mentoring program matches small business owners with expert business advisors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance to help small businesses thrive.

Learn. Connect. and Thrive.


Business is always changing. These days, the speed of change is crazy fast. We have got a wealth of learning opportunities to keep you

up-to-date, and armed with the info you need to help your business thrive.


Meet, greet, collaborate and repeat. Connections are key to business access. We can help with referrals, building your customer base, sourcing reliable service providers and vendors, and helping you to expand your knowledge base. Your relationship with the Chamber includes a wealth of networking opportunities to promote your business and connect with the right people.


Whether you are an established company or a new start-up, a large or small organization-and whatever your industry-your relationship with us has tremendous benefits.