Exhibition World Issue 5 – 2021 - Page 50

We are ready to show the world .

Celebrating strength and commitment of the Italian exhibition system

Trade fairs represent one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy : 200,000 exhibitors , 20,000,000 operators from all over the world , 1000 events every year , a world to which 50 % of national exports are linked . Events and shows that bring Made in Italy to the world , helping to spread the skills , beauty and culture of our country and its territory worldwide .
AEFI represents the exhibition venues and the organizers , who promote Italian excellence through their work , by recounting the values of know-how , the culture of beauty , love for the quality of details and care for products and services .
Italy in the world , the world in Italy . international @ aefi . it - www . aefi . it