Exhibition World Issue 3 – 2021 | Page 40


# GED2021 , getting the message out

Global exhibitions Day (# GED2021 ), held annually on the first Wednesday of June , this year again brought a great response on social media as the industry celebrated and rallied around the key message of ‘ Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies ’.
GED2021 was an opportunity to focus on the ideas of connecting , reconnecting , starting and rebuilding communities and economies .
The message was delivered loud and clear around the world that exhibitions are the fastest way to reconnect with your marketplace , and that the connections made at exhibitions will lead to the renewal of our economies .
There were numerous social media examples of the global industry ’ s efforts to promote and celebrate what it does , and the importance of the platform for driving forward economies as we emerge from the pandemic .
We showcase a few of those voices of the industry here .
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