Exhibition World Issue 3 – 2021 | Page 29

Advertising feature
to participants from around the globe , ably demonstrating the potential of organised events to unite industries , stimulate the economy and boost employment .
To further ensure that we stand united to reopen the exhibition industry , AAXO , has collaborated with 14 event related industry associations to form the SA Events Council . The Council is actively involved in lobbying government , collaborating with stakeholders , training its members on new safety protocols , embracing new technology , and providing support and guidance for an industry that has been unable to operate in the past year . The SAEC also runs awareness campaigns to rebuild confidence in the capabilities of the exhibition and events industry amongst local government , clients and industry stakeholders alike .
The exhibition and business events industry is where meeting places are built , where market places bring industries together , where people connect , where supply meets demand and where business can restart . We have proved that exhibitions and business events are part of the solution to negate the impact of COVID-19 on the economy . The South African exhibition industry is ready for business !
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